Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association is thrilled to announce that the NIH has awarded a $2.5 million grant to the two-woman UMass Medical School research team of Liisa Selin, MD, PhD, and Anna Gil, PhD, for their work on ME/CFS. 

For more details, read the MassME press release.

MassME is pleased to have supported this research team over the years, including notifying our newsletter recipients that these innovative researchers had received the Ramsey award and needed blood donations. People responded enthusiastically, allowing Drs. Selin and Gil to move this necessary research forward.

Additionally, the UMass Medical School researchers met with our Research Club and shared their cutting-edge findings. You can view a video excerpt of that meeting, and the research is summarized on this poster. It is also exciting to us that this money is coming to a Massachusetts institution. After all, Massachusetts is a medical hub for the world, and it should also be that for ME/CFS. This grant builds on the research this team did with a seed grant from the Solve ME/CFS Initiative's Ramsay Program.

Thanks, Liisa Selin and Anna Gil, for all your hard work for our community!