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“When we started the first support group in 1983, I had no idea what this organization would grow into. These illnesses did not even have names, let alone any treatment options then."

— Bonnie Gorman, Founder


The Massachusetts ME/CFS and FM Association is a 501c3 non-profit registered in the state of Massachusetts. 

Phone:  617-471-5559  |  Tax ID:  04-3014644 | PO Box 690305 | Quincy, MA  02269-0305 



The Association supports people living with ME/CFS and their families by connecting them to supportive resources and each other, and by educating and advocating to expand the ME/CFS healthcare and social service infrastructure in Massachusetts.  

Mutual Support

We are a “home base” for people affected by ME/CFS, providing opportunities for  members to support one another and share knowledge, advice, information and hope.  

Medical Education

We raise awareness of ME/CFS among healthcare professionals with the goal of  increasing the pool of knowledgeable providers available to diagnose and treat individuals in Massachusetts.  

Service Advocacy

We build relationships with support service agencies so that we can effectively  advocate for the needs of our members and increase the service providers’ capacity,  willingness and effectiveness in working with ME/CFS patients.

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