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Specifically flawed CSSD diagnosis

The essence of CSSD is to have one severe physical symptom or multiple physical symptoms that are chronic (at least 6 months) and about which an individual either has misapprehended as to its causation or is excessively concerned about or preoccupied with (beyond a realistic viewpoint).

Following the critique above as to the difficulty with the criteria:

A person may be fully diagnosed with only the following elements of the definition:

(A.) Multiple somatic symptoms or one severe symptom that have been

(B.) chronic and persistent for at least six months, and

(C.) create a high level of health anxiety and establish a central role in the patient's life for health concerns.

Can anyone doubt that such a minimal definition could theoretically diagnose anything from true hypochondriasis to severe rheumatoid arthritis, medication resistance epilepsy, to the pain of severe radiculopathy, to drug resistant pelvic inflammatory disease, to a brain tumor, to Lou Gehrig's disease, to neurofibromatosis, and to many other chronic illnesses. Can such an unscientific and medically questionable diagnostic criteria be contemplated?

Another example may be the early stages of MS: In its early stages MS is difficult to diagnose—in fact decades ago, many physicians believed MS was a psychiatric syndrome.