Here are the links to the videos from the October 2012 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC), held on Oct. 3-4.

These were posted on October 10, making them available MUCH sooner than the videocast of the spring meeting.  No notice was given by the CFSAC officials, however, not even an email to the CFSAC mail-list.  Thanks to advocates for finding these and listing the links!

Welcome & Opening Remarks (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Biomarkers - An Overview & Future Look (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Public Comment on Day One - AM (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Agency Updates from HRSA, NIH, and FDA (CFSAC Fall 2012)

FDA & Drug Development (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Public Comment on Day One - PM (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Committee Discussion & Plans for Day Two (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Opening Remarks & Agency Updates (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Social Security Administration (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Public Comment on Day Two (CFSAC Fall 2012)

ME/CFS Organizations (CFSAC Fall 2012)

A Path Forward (CFSAC Fall 2012)

Finalize Recommendations (CFSAC Fall 2012)

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