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11. What type of information should I expect in a Denial Letter?

A thorough and balanced explanation of the relevant insurance policy provisions and applicable evidence in the claim file that led to the denial conclusion.

If the claim was denied because there was certain information that should have been submitted with the initial claim submissions, the insurer should describe the type of information that would be helpful in perfecting the claim that would allow for its payment.

If it is a group disability insurance claim, there must be ERISA Appeal rights and time-frames contained in the language.

Some state insurer departments, such as California and New Hampshire, require the insured, who is a resident of that state, to receive language advising of his/her rights to contact his/her state insurer department if s/he believes s/he has been mistreated.

Generally there is no mandated legislative right to a claim denial appeal for individual disability policies, although individual disability insurance carriers often offer an appeal.