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4. If I am receiving disability insurance due to a workplace injury, can I also get Social Security Disability and/or Workman's Compensation Insurance?

Yes, but depending upon the language of the disability policy, the benefit amount paid under the disability policy might be offset by the amount of benefit you receive from either Social Security or Workman's Compensation.

The offset feature is a typical feature of a Group Disability policy and not as typical with an Individual Disability policy. Even when allowing offsets, the policies generally guarantee a minimum amount of monthly benefit that cannot be offset. Workman's Compensation insurance, Social Security disability and private disability insurance are not mutually exclusive. They can be collected at the same time with or without offsets.

Finally, private disability insurers may require you to sign a reimbursement agreement if your policy has an offset feature that would allow for them to collect retroactively a percentage of benefits paid to you in the past and present that may be subject to a future retroactive offset such as a delayed Social Security Disability Award.