Alternative Therapies

Books about Fibromyalgia

Books about Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

Books about Pain and Pain Management

Chronic Pain Control by Dr. David Bell

Complementary and Mainstream Treatment Approaches by Dr. Jeanne Hubbuch

Conventional Medicine—overview of classes of medications

Dr. Gudrun Lange Reviews Neuropsychological Testing

Mental Health

Recommended for patients with FM undergoing anesthesia by Dr. Charles Lapp

Tips for Sleep and Fatigue Management by Dr. Jo Solet

Exercise and Nutrition 

 A minimal and achievable exercise program by Dr. Nancy Klimas

Nutrition and Exercise


Review of Nutritional Supplements used by FM patients


Warnings about medications

Ambien may leave older patients at greater risk of falls

Dr. Cheney Warns against Long-term Use of SSRIs and Stimulants

Drugs that can cause FM by Dr. Byron Hyde

Warning about Tylenol