Sunday Conversations with MassME - Sept 18, 2022

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Sunday Conversations with MassME occur via Zoom on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 4 p.m. ET. These sessions are free and presented as a service to our ME/CFS, FM, and Long COVID community. We ask attendees to register for each session. 

The Conversation begins with a presentation by a notable speaker on a topic of interest, followed by questions, comments and discussion with the attendees. The formal presentation will be rcorded and posted on the Association's YouTube channel. Suggestions for future sessions (topic/speaker) are welcome.

September 18, 2022. "How Those Living with Long COVID and ME/CFS can Enhance Their Quality of Life by Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine Into Your/Their Healthcare Plan"

Traditional Chinese Medicine/TCM is a rich and complex medical system originating over three thousand years ago. Its extensive history has developed intricate diagnostic systems focused on assessing the whole person. It also encompasses an in-depth theory of disease patterns and a multitude of therapies and specialties. This multifaceted system provides explanations and treatments for symptoms experienced by those with multi-systemic, invisible and post-viral illnesses within its medical theories and diagnostics.

For our Sunday Conversations, we have curated an informative and engaging event with a prestigious panel of Traditional Chinese Medical Experts discussing important topics to help those living with invisible illnesses gain a deeper understanding on how integrating TCM into their healthcare plan can enhance their quality of life.

September 18th, 2022 4:00 PM through  5:00 PM