Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association is an all-volunteer organization. Please become a member to help us to continue our work and respond to the many needs of the patient community. All of our income is used to support essential services.

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An annual Membership Contribution of $25/year for Individuals, and $40 for a Family (two or more related individuals), is requested for membership.  Larger membership contributions help support those who are unable to pay.

If you are unable to afford the Membership Contribution, we offer Courtesy and Reduced Fee memberships.

We use your support to:

  • Publish our website which provides up-to-date information about ME/CFS and fibromyalgia covering a broad range of topics, sends out alerts about current news and developments, and accepts requests for support services

  • Maintain our Information Line where trained volunteers respond to general questions about the two illnesses (which often overlap) and serve as a gateway to the Association's support services

  • Assist with referrals to healthcare providers

  • Give guidance on disability process and related issues

  • Better educate and expand awareness within the community

  • Establish a public information group to reach out to various forms of media

  • Improve communication with pertinent state and federal agencies

  • Sponsor public educational lectures

  • Be advocates at all possible levels (local, state, national)

Become a member or renew your membership


All contributions or donations are gratefully acknowledged and are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. We thank you for your support.