A Project for Those Non-Day Days

Something to prepare for those days when you're feeling especially sick or blue is your own personal "joy box." Take a large old shoe-box or other container and wrap it (and the lid separately) in brightly colored paper or whatever pleases you (stickers, rubber-stamp images, decoupage, paint, glitter glues, clips from magazines, photos of places you'd like. to travel, etc.).

Fill the box only with items that bring joy to you: seashells, photos of your family and best friends, pictures of favorite places, treasured letters and notes from friends, small toys, anything that uplifts your spirit—be creative and fill the box! Then, when you're having a particularly rough day, close your eyes and reach into the box (shake first!) to see which particular joy you've selected. Spend time letting your mind wander about what the "joy item" brings to mind—take a mental vacation and relax, thinking about dear friends, happy memories, favorite places, the joys you still have in your life.

(Idea adapted from Gypsy's Words of Wisdom Online Newsletter)