When patients or family members are diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) or Fibromyalgia (FM), the illness will require that they come to terms with their situation and seek ways to effectively cope with changes and new limits the illnesses may demand. People will also realize that few others will be able to relate to them as well as someone else who has walked down the same path.

The following articles were written by individuals who are living with the challenges of ME/CFS or FM. The articles are applicable to all of these illnesses or similar chronic illness requiring sensible lifestyle changes.

Self-Care Strategies
An extensive guide on things one can do to help manage chronic illness, physically and emotionally. This article has been updated to reflect the impact of technology advances since the article was first published.

Intimacy and love, in sickness and in health
An article discussing the physical and emotional ramifications of CFS/CFIDS/ME and FM on intimacy and relationships.

The ME/CFS Initiation—A Primer for New Patients
Practical ways to take charge and let go of fear and frustrations.

ME/CFS Self-Care: The Basics
An article which focuses on how to learn about one's "new" limits and energy expenditure.

Rest, Pacing, and Stress: What Every ME/CFS Patient Should Know
Helpful advice to patients on how to pace their activities to use and preserve their energy to stave-off relapses and promote recovery.

Recovering from ME/CFS
A personal account about the trial and error process many patients go through.

A View from Outside: How to Help a Person with ME/CFS Much needed advice for family members and friends.

Emergency Preparedness Plans for CFIDS, CFS, ME and FM Patients: what to keep in your car, supplies to have in your home or apartment, and in case of evacuation, what items to take, is a valuable resource for chronically ill individuals living in New England or other parts of the country where weather tends to be unpredictable and often severe.

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A potpourri of inspirational stories and writings

10 Lessons From a Great Teacher Most of us have memories of a teacher who influenced our lives. Alida Brill, an advocate for women and girls and author of numerous books and articles, writes about how chronic illness itself became a great teacher to her and the ten lessons she took from it.

Live, learn, reset your GPS shares the story of a patient who, after 25 years with ME/CFS, is stopping to review her situation, perhaps forging a new path that will concentrate more on daily living than pursuing another illusive cure.

Does Procrastination Live Among CFS and FM Patients? What is usually thought of as procrastination in healthy people can simply be in the CFS/FM population the inability to complete a task because the energy needed is simply not there.

Tips for living with ME/CFS and FM—in real life and online communities This article discusses how patients can manage their time and energy as efficiently as they can by learning to recalibrate their expectations, make livable choices, grow beyond the illness, pick their battles and stay safe and smart on social media.

Gardening for Health and Fun shares information and ideas for home-bound individuals looking for a rewarding and relaxing pastime.

Patients with Pets explains how household pets or companion animals can boost a person's physical and emotional health—and there's research to prove it.

10 Rules for Those Who Love ME/CFS and FM Patients caringly conveyed by a healthy spouse.

Perspectives on Friendship

Steps to Happiness

Right Now, Somebody, Somewhere

The Joy Box

The Water Bearer

What is Strength?


Medical research claims ME/CFS caused by an evil Dr. Svengali!

Now it is a Bogeyman instead of Dr. Svengali who causes ME/CFS!