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What's the connection between CFIDS and MCS?

There is a great overlap between the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalopathy (CFIDS/ME) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivty (MCS). Although it is possible to have MCS without hav­ing CFIDS/ME, most people that I know with MCS have also been diagnosed with CFIDS/ME. Likewise, studies of people with CFIDS indicate that from one-quarter to three-quarters meet the diag­nosis for MCS.                .

A significant difference between CFIDS/ME and MCS is that whereas alleviation of CFIDS/ME symp­toms is often difficult or impossible, alleviation of MCS symptoms—in the form of avoidance of chemical exposures—almost always provides some relief. People with MCS who remove allergens and chemical triggers usually experience a great reduc­tion of their symptoms and may even slow or stop the progress of the disease. Many people who start out with mild MCS become more severely ill as they are exposed to more and more chemicals. An individual with CFIDS/ME who suspects s/he may also have MCS and takes steps to remove and avoid triggers, may help prevent future debilitation.