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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for Dummies, by Dr. Susan R. Lisman, 2007,  ISBN: 0470117729

One of the more recent books on ME/CFS happens to come from the dubiously named "Dummies" series. It follows the general format of the Dummies' books—information is presented within blocks or shaded boxes with special notes or warnings along the sides. The author is Dr. Susan R. Lisman, whose specialty is in anesthesiology at a hospital outside of Boston. However, Dr. Lisman has also worked with a considerable number of ME/CFS patients and writes from her experience about many aspects of the illness (i.e. assessing symptoms, getting diagnosed, and common treatments) with wit, but not in any great depth. In this case, new should not immediately imply better and improved—this book, compared to some of the older publications, is felt to be only mediocre. It may be well-suited for those new to the illness but who are not able to absorb very detailed information. It is available at most leading bookstores, so at least patients can browse through it and decide if this appeals to them.