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Start your trip with paper and pen

The first step to being organized is making a list of what you’ll need. Take a pad of paper and start the list at least a couple of weeks before the planned departure. Every time you think of something, write it down on the same piece of paper. Writing things down on different scraps will add to your stress. Do not think “I’ll remember it” and write it down later. The chances of that happening are close to zero.

Whether the trip is a weekend or 2 weeks really won’t matter. You will still need to pack the “I use it every day” type of items and medications, but you’ll also have to pack the “if I get sick I’ll need” type of stuff. Those items are readily handy when you’re at home. When away, if you need them, it becomes a problem. The only difference it makes in packing will be the amount of clothing needed. ME/CFS & FM patients travel with “stuff.”

The best tip is to open the intended suitcase and start putting the items on your list in it. If you don’t have room to keep an opened suitcase around for a couple of weeks, then pick one designated spot for a landing zone, and deposit items there.

This way, "take with me" stuff won’t get confused with other items and you’ll reduce the stress of last minute rushing. Items that are used everyday and can not spend two weeks hovering in an opened suitcase can be deposited a couple of days before you leave.

When you use the item, put it back in the suitcase. This reduces the risk of forgetting something you really use daily.