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For your home or apartment

Depending on space, this may have to be adjusted. Plan on having at least a 3-day supply of food. As we have seen, outages can last for longer, so being prepared is important.

First, have a plan

  • First and foremost have a plan with the residents of your home where to meet outside the home should you have to leave quickly (as in fire, etc). If children are involved, practice this plan

What to put in an emergency grab bag— documentation

  • Emergency Grab Bag of Documentation comprising of important papers (ask yourself "if I had to start life over, what would I need?"). This should be done for each person in the household, including children and pets. Make copies of all important papers/bills/documentation and put them in the largest ziplock bag (waterproof) and keep them in an emergency grab area BEFORE you will need them.

    Information can be coordinated into groups. Check off as you go along.

Contact Lists

– Your name, address, phone, and date of birth
– A list of children's names, birth dates and if in school or daycare, the name, address, phone number and name of contact person and/or      principal at the facility in case of an emergency. Do this for each child. 
– If adult children, list them with names (especially if females are married) addresses, phone numbers and relationship.You may know this      information, but in an emergency, others may not.
– List of pets names, vets, medical history
– List of emergency contacts including names, addresses, phone numbers and emails
– List of relatives to be notified with their names, phone numbers and their relationship to you
– Do Not Call list—many patient's families are not understanding and in fact, cause additional stress. This is a time and place to list the            relatives/friends not to call
– Name, address and phone number of attorney
– Name, address, phone of financial advisor, if applicable
– Name, address, phone and contact name at the bank you use

Legal Documents

– Copy of your social security card
– If disabled, disability papers whether social security disability, long term disability or supplemental disability insurance information
– Copy of the last year's tax return (needed to apply for loans and verify qualifications for income-based assistance etc.)
– Acceptable proof of citizenship for individuals not born in the United States (
– Legal copy of will and power of attorney documents
– Copy of birth certificate, adoption papers, military discharge notice, marriage certificate, divorce decree or other legal documents
– Mortgage or homeowner papers with account numbers and phone numbers and amount paid
– Property tax statement
– Utility company statements (these may be needed for federal help)
– If a renter, have a copy of your lease with pertinent phone numbers, and management office name and number, if appropriate

Financial Information

– Should you have any investments including retirement (manyME/ CFS patients are dirt poor) a list of said investments as well as the            name, address and phone number of your financial planner or investment advisor
– Employer information and a copy of pay stub
– Bank names, addresses, phone numbers and account numbers with balance information
– Title or loan papers for automobile with bank name and account and phone numbers
– Charge card and debit card names, account numbers and phone numbers to call, and date of last payment with amount

Insurance Information

– Insurance information such as company name, phone number, agent's name and account number for home
– Insurance information such as company name, phone number, agent's name and account number for apartment
– Insurance information such as company name, phone number, agent's name and account number for car
– Insurance information such as company name, phone number, agent's name and account number for healthcare
– If you have any other type of insurance, include this information as well

Medical Information

– A list with names, addresses, specialty and phone numbers for all your physicians
– A list of all medications including over the counter drugs you take, along with dosages, MARK THIS LIST WITH A RED CHECKMARK to            facilitate finding it faster
– Medical history list—this can be an outline of surgeries, diagnosis and allergies. MARK THIS LIST WITH A RED CHECKMARK to facilitate          finding it faster
– Copy of your latest eyeglass prescription
– Copy of name, serial number and information of any medical assist devices in use
– Name, phone number and address of your pharmacy
– If applicable, hospital name and number with patient account numbers (you can always get another plastic card)
– For each child, duplicate the above list and ADD vaccination record
– For pets, include their veterinarian's name, address and phone number with vaccination papers and any medical issues if applicable

General Information

– Computer list of passwords (needs to be kept up to date) in a hard copy. You can back it up on a flash drive.
– Any computer files that are important can be put on a flash drive
– If you are a veteran, obtain copies of your Military DD214