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Michael Zeineh—MRI findings in CFS/ME

He is a neuro-radiologist. He had looked at 14 CFS patients and 15 controls. He outlined his 3T imaging protocol, looking at volume, grey/white matter and perfusion. Grey matter in CFS was similar to controls, white matter was lower in CFS than controls, and the thalamic volume was slightly down in CFS compared to controls. He also looked at cortical thickness, which thins in dementia. The cortex was thicker in 5 regions in patients and the differences were more noticeable in younger patients. There are many tracts in the brain, and these are affected by handedness. There was no difference in Arterial Spin Labelling perfusion, but there was increased cortical thickening along the endpoints of both arcuate tracts. In patients there was increased phosphatidic acid in the arcuate and inferior longitudinal fasciculus.