Sunday Conversations - February 18, 2024



Sunday Conversation for February:

Small Group Discussions

"Living with co-morbidities or other serious illnesses"

Sunday, February 18, 2024, 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Please join us for small group discussions on living with ME/CFS and common co-morbidities or other serious illnesses. We will divide into groups based on age/stage of life: Young Adult, Adult, Seniors/Aging, or Ally/Caregiver, wherever you think you fit! 

This topic was suggested by several respondents in our recent survey!

**Registration closes one hour before the event begins, so register now!**

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Young Adult Support Group for those with ME/CFS, FM, Lyme, Long COVID, and Chronic Illness - Winter 2024

FINAL Young Adult Support Group Fall 2023 Ongoing Registration Instagram Post Instagram Post

Young Adult Support Group for those with ME/CFS, FM, Lyme, Long COVID, and Chronic Illness

*Please Note: Due to professional licensing issues, you must be a Massachusetts resident to attend this group


Join us on Thursday nights @ 7:00 pm and Tuesday afternoons @ 3:30 pm ET.

This drop-in Virtual Support Group is interactive and provides a safe space for patients to share stories and experiences, ask questions, and offer one another support.

There is one registration for the entire session.  Once registered, you are welcome to attend as many meetings as you like.

Winter Session Dates:

Thurs.  Jan 18th at 7pm
Tues.  Jan 30th at 3:30pm
January monthly Topic: Communicating about disability and chronic illness 

Thurs. Feb. 15th 7pm
Tues. Feb. 27th 3:30pm
February monthly topic: Navigating dating/romantic relationships 

Thurs. March 7th 7pm
Tues. March 19th at 3:30pm
March monthly topic: Self advocacy/accommodations for disability 


This group is free for members, with any donations to offset costs welcome. A contribution of $25 or more will include annual membership.  


What age is Young Adult?

Anyone over the age of 18 who self-identifies as a young adult, either through age or via the life challenges typically experienced by this population. Relevant topics of this group are challenges with college/higher education, starting a career, housing challenges, dating and/or starting a family, and social challenges.

To Register, please fill in the form or confirm your pre-filled information below, and then click the Register button.




Sunday Conversations - January 21, 2024

"It's not 'All In Your Head' "
Multi-Modal Healing with Judy Tsafrir

Sunday, January 21, 2024, 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Judy Tsafrir, MD

When a patient consults a physician and reports symptoms that refer to multiple unrelated organ systems which do not fit with known patterns or conditions, and when the laboratory tests that are conventionally run do not reveal any abnormalities, the conclusion is reached that they should see a psychiatrist. They are told that they are suffering from stress; that they are depressed or anxious. The implication is that their condition is psychosomatic; meaning that their emotions are manifesting as physical symptoms. This is a very invalidating experience that adds insult to injury.

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Sunday Conversations - November 19, 2023

"What Sociology and the Illness Narratives Can Teach Us About Living with Chronic Illness"

Sunday, November 19, 2023, 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Helen McGunnigle

Helen McGunnigle is a graduate of Hampshire College where she studied pre-medical sciences and conducted an ethnographic study of college students living with contested chronic illness (including chronic or post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, ME/CFS, and fibromyalgia) for her senior thesis. In this Sunday Conversation, Helen highlighted the findings from this research project, exploring the early histories of these illnesses and what exactly makes them so contested. Following the discussion, she lead a conversation on the impacts of living with chronic illness.

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