"Using wearable technology to measure and manage Long COVID and ME/CFS"

Sunday, May 21, 2023, 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Harry Leeming
Co-founder and CEO, Visible

A former engineer, Harry Leeming has worked at multiple early-stage start-ups in Silicon Valley as well as in Formula 1. Harry founded the company Visible (https://www.makevisible.com/), an activity tracking platform for Long COVID and ME/CFS, as a result of his own health condition, and aims to use the platform to help increase our understanding of complex chronic illness.

In this edition of Sunday Conversations with MassME, Harry gave a brief overview of the application, with descriptions of the team, their HRV-centered philosophy, and their plans for the rollout of their own wearable device specifically for pacing and symptom tracking. He then took questions from the Zoom audience about the timeline of future releases and features, cost and geographic availability of the premium service, the potential for use in research, various user interface ideas and suggestions, and much more.

View the recording: Sunday Conversations May 2023 - Wearable technology with Harry Leeming of Visible