Jen Brea’s film Unrest has made a big splash and has greatly advanced public awareness of ME/CFS! We at MassCFIDS decided to build on this momentum by arranging a series of screenings of Unrest throughout Massachusetts this year, to follow on from our very successful public screening at the Regent Theatre in Arlington last fall. These new events will reach diverse audiences, and most will include an educational program in the form of a post-film panel with our MassCFIDS volunteers sitting on the panels. Some of these events are open to the public, and you are welcome to attend if you can. Two of these post-film panels will be professionally videotaped and made available online so all can watch.

In addition to raising public awareness with these events, MassCFIDS is also focusing on bringing information to patients, health care providers, and researchers. Our goal to improve access to treatment for patients by creating a wider pool of knowledgeable providers, and to establish a community of researchers in Massachusetts.

Here’s the list of events MassCFIDS is organizing/sponsoring:

We are also in discussions with other institutions and groups to schedule more events.

Lastly, also exciting, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Disability Law Center and the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization of Women are co-sponsoring many of the above listed events and most future Unrest events we organize.

Here are the Unrest events in metro Boston that are not directly organized by us.