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This is an event flyer. It has a blue background. The text reads: September 15th, 12 Noon Eastern Time. Zoom. "Invisible Disabilities, Long Covid and Other Post-infectious Chronic Illnesses.” Registration and Zoom are found at www dot B-I-T dot L-Y, slash, three, capital A, lowercase q, capital M, lowercase r, lowercase i, capital T. Presented by the Health and Disability Partnership at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, with the Massachusetts ME/CFS and FM Association. Included on the flyer are images of five panelists. The first is Cynthia Adinig, Long Covid advocate. The second is Claudia Carrera, MA, ME/CFS activist. The third image is Alfred DeMaria Jr. M.D., Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The fourth image is Rodrigo Monterrey MPA, Massachusetts Department of Public Health. And the fifth image is Kayla Scheiner, Lyme advocate.

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-- with the Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association


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Invisible Disabilities: Long COVID and Other Post-Infectious Chronic Illnesses

Sept. 15, 12 noon ET

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Imagine getting what you think is a common cold or flu, or even an insect bite, and then never getting better. Public health experts join a diverse panel to discuss post-infectious chronic illnesses and disabilities, including Long Covid, Lyme Disease and ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).   


Cynthia Adinig, mother and graphic designer whose Long COVID symptoms sent her to the ER 20+ times. With the Long COVID Alliance, she has been featured in the media discussing the bias she faced as a Black woman seeking life-saving care.

Claudia Maria Carrera, MA, disabled Latinx academic, activist, and artist holding degrees from Princeton University and NYU. She advocates nationally with #MEAction for health justice for people with ME/CFS. 

Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D., Medical and Laboratory Consultant at the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health, formerly the Medical Director of the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, and Massachusetts State Epidemiologist.  

Rodrigo Monterrey, MPA,Deputy Director for the Office of Health Equity at the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health. He has 20+ years of public health experience, including as co-chair of the NE Regional Health Equity Council.

Kayla Scheiner (they/them/themself), an autistic agender person diagnosed with Lyme disease and on permanent disability. An artist and writer, they explore the intersection of disability and queerness in speculative fiction and art.