Spotlight TruGrace Artistry

Invisible Illness

This month's spotlight is a video which was shared with us by a MassME member.
Verity of TruGrace Makeup Artistry uses her art form to expresses her chronic illness in a creative and powerful way.

Click to watch.

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From the artist:
I would like to say that all of the people I have met or interacted with since I became chronically ill have been so amazing. We all have our different struggles and are at different places in our journeys, but we have something that bonds us. Since posting this video in March last year (2022) I have felt such a strength within the community. I remember feeling so alone when I was first diagnosed. Now I feel connected and powerful.
Having people to talk to and understand how you feel doesn't make the symptoms go away. It doesn't solve all of our problems, but it does give hope and support to see us through another day.

I used the term 'Warrior' because every day is a fight, but when you have an army behind you, it makes the battle feel a little bit easier and less scary.