The Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association is made up almost entirely of patient volunteers and their families and friends. We need your help to keep the Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association running smoothly and to accomplish our mission. Please consider volunteering to help with this work.

Massachusetts ME/CFS Association provides training and on-going supervision to allow volunteers to offer support to patients/families, or to help keep our Association running. Most volunteer work is done from home, and time commitments/hours are flexible. Please see our Volunteer Orientation manual for more information.

Volunteer for one-time commitment or longer.

If you would like to help in these or other areas, please contact us

If you are a healthy family member or friend, we also need your help. We will talk with you about your interests, skills, and how you can contribute. Remember, even a little time, put together with the efforts of others, can accomplish a great deal.

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Thank you for your support!